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دەربارەی ئێمە

Haji Salam


Kindly be informed that our Company is one of the largest companies regarding the Real Estates in Hawler City and suburbs.

Our Company consists of 10 branches, which are divided in various locations in Hawler City.


About 30 qualified and professional staff members are providing their services to the Company. They are working industriously and sincerely.


Purchasing, Selling & Leasing.  We are dealing with the following types of properties: Houses, Buildings (structures), Stores, Exhibitions, Vacant lots, Agricultural Lands, 'Musataha' and all other works related to the real estates.


1.Truthfulness , Sincerity, Faith, Attracting People. Moreover, dealing with people and answering all their inquiries very politely and sincerely,

2.Sincere consultancy given free of charge.

3.Real Estate Estimation in the most righteous way,

4.Guiding people towards investment and leading them to the best locations,

5.Carrying out the actions sincerely as if done for our benefits,

6.Investing people's capital in the fields in which they can make best benefits,

7.Appointing qualified and professional cadres to offer service, according to our Company's conditions,

8.Our telephone numbers are continually open. We are at the people's service. Do not hesitate to call at any time.

Finally we do hope to be at the service of the people of Kurdistan. We wish to ensure them that we are ready to meet their needs; at the same time, they should have confidence in our Company.